2021 Fezile Dabi Cross Country Running League FAQ | Parys, Free State, South Africa

2021 Fezile Dabi Cross Country Running Frequently Asked Questions

I am from another province or district. Can I compete at this event?

Any athlete who applied for an ASA licenses or has a valid ASA license will be allowed to enter for this league. Only athletes with an Athletics Free State (AFS) license will eligible for the Fezile Dabi Cross Country Running Team. No licenses will be sold on race day. Athletes apply for ASA licenses through their respective clubs.

What are the race distances and how far must I run?

The Cross Country course consists of two loops, a 1km distance loop (short loop) and a 2km distance loop (long loop). The total distance of a race depends on the age-gender category you will compete in. Distances are made up by combining the short and long loops, adding up to your total race distance. For race distances that make use of both the short loop and the long loop (3km), the short loop must be completed first, followed by the long loop:

  • 1km: 1 x short loop
  • 2km: 1 x long loop
  • 3km: 1 x short loop + 1 x long loop
  • 4km: 2 x long loop
  • 6km: 3 x long loop
  • 8km: 4 x long loop
  • 10km: 5 x long loop

Click here to see the various race distances per age-gender category.

Where can I find the entry form for this event?

Athletes must be entered by their respective clubs / schools. No private entries will accepted and all entries are strictly pre-entries only. Click on this link to download the entry form, or visit the downloads page on the website to download the form and other resources.

Where can I see if I am entered?

Follow the link at the top of the page labelled "verify entry". On the verification page athletes are grouped by their club / school name. Click on the name of your club / school to see if you are entered. You will also see some basic entry information like your race number, race category, and the leagues you are entered for (L1, L2, L3, L4).

Also visit the the link at the top of the page labelled "Programme". Here you will find the league programs and start lists / draw sheets for each league as soon as the information becomes available.

Is this league in line with the ASA cross country season?

The Fezile Dabi Cross Country Running League is an ASA / AFS sanctioned event and in line with the ASA cross country season. This league serves as a platform to qualify athletes and send athletes of electable standard to the AFS Provincial Championships. AFS will then announce the AFS Cross Country Running Team that will represent AFS at the ASA National Cross Country Running Championships.

What will the start and finish look like and will it work under new COVID-19 protocol?

Athletes will access the starting area from the warm up area via the call room. Athletes will be arranged in the starting area according to their block / wave allocation per age-gender category. A maximum of 60 athletes will allowed per age-gender category. Athletes will be placed 5 athletes per row and 4 rows per wave (20 athletes per wave to maintain social distancing). The start list will include the name of each athlete according to age-gender category and also indicate what starting block applies to the athlete. Athletes will start in waves of 20 athletes per block with 1 minute intervals between blocks. The start time of each block is recorded and deducted from the finish time of each athlete to determine the actual finish time of the athlete. As soon as the start list is published and sent to club / school managers, athletes should pay special attention to their starting time and block / wave allocation - no athlete will be allowed to start late or run in a different age-gender category. At the finish line the athlete's race number and time will be recorded and processed to produce preliminary results. Athlete should remove the race number / score card (no contact between marshalls and athletes), and deposit it in the bin placed at the finish line. Athletes must leave the competition area immediately after completion of a race.