2021 Fezile Dabi Open Cross Country Running League Disclaimer | Parys, Free State, South Africa

2021 Fezile Dabi Open Cross Country Running League Legal Disclaimer

By entering to attend, participate, or compete at the Fezile Dabi Open Cross Country Running League every athlete, participant and attendee agree to the following:

  • This event is presented under the rules and regulations of World Athletics, Athletics South Africa, and Athletics Free State.
  • In addition, the athlete also confirms that he / she accepts the event-specific rules and regulations, and will comply with the COVID-19 health and safety protocols that may apply.
  • Both the athlete and the club who enters the athlete hereby confirms that the athlete information reflected on the entry form is true and correct.
  • By entering the premises where the event is hosted every person accepts by default to do so at their own risk and agrees to comply with the rules, regulations and protocols that apply.
  • All athletes participate at their own risk and every athlete retains the right and responsibility to withdraw from the event if conditions are deemed unsafe.
  • By entering for this event the athlete confirms that he / she is medically fit to participate in the event, and the athlete is aware of the risks associated with participating in this event.
  • The event organiser may utilise any image or video footage taken of all and any athlete, personnel or attendee during this event to record and or promote this event or similar event, excluding the use for commercial purposes or in association with any brand or trade name other than of the event itself, without consent.
  • In the event where the athlete is a minor (younger than 18 years):
    • It is confirmed that the athlete has legal consent from his / her parent or legal guardian to participate and compete in this event.
    • The athlete has given permission to be entered, and is aware of the fact that he / she is entered for this event.
    • The athlete's health and physical condition permits the participation in this event.
    • The athlete is aware of the potential physical and environmental health risks involved with participating in this event.
  • Any person or athlete entering, participating, and competing in this event indemnify the national, provincial, and regional bodies, sponsors, shareholders, and organiser against all and any legal action or claim of any nature which may directly or indirectly arise out of attending, participating or competing in this event at any level.


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Koedoeslaagte Trail Park & Venue

The Fezile Dabi Open Cross Country Running League is presented in accordance with the State of Distaster Management Act, as well as the regulations and protocols prescribed by World Athletics and Athletics South Africa to address, prevent and combat the spread of Coronavirus as a result of participating in and competing at athletics activities and meetings.